Industries in Focus

Economics, Banking and Finance

We aim to assist founders/entrepreneurs in the establishment of a sustainable economy by supporting their innovative banking and finance-focused enterprises.

Agriculture Sciences

Agriculture sciences improves a wide range of agriculture-related tasks in the global food supply chain. Adoption of technology in agriculture is helping in solving several pain-points across the spectrum of the traditional agriculture value chain.

Food Technology and Processing

With the goal to support start-ups with cutting-edge technology in the Food industry, the center includes premium co-working space for food-tech start-ups as well as access to the food processing ecosystem.

Material Engineering

The Engineering Department of the VBSPUIIF focuses on projects that are pre-Product/Market fit. We support startups and entrepreneurs with such automation.

Bio-Tech and Pharmacy

VBSPUIIF is dedicated to advancement of Bio-technology. We aim to promote technology-based Innovations in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Heathcare.

Electrical and Electronics

Our objective is to promote innovative ideas to solve meaningful challenges in the electronics industry..


We aim to support and build next generation of MNCs with guidance and resources.

Software/IT Solutions

Our objective is to assist entrepreneurs and start-ups in expanding their operations, fostering innovation, and developing industry expertise.

Social Work

Social work is an exciting but challenging space. The council aims to support entrepreneurs and founders who are working for the social welfare.

Hotel Management and Tourism

VBSPUIIF aims to offer a variety of support to entrepreneurs in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industry. Our objective is to provide the environment for an enterprise whose activities accelerates the product development.